I am very proud to have shared my knowledge and skills in Spey Casting and Salmon Fishing with fishermen, for more than 30 years; from teaching the basics of fly fishing, fly casting and techniques, to advance angling concepts.My goal is to increase your knowledge of Spey Casting and Salmon Fishing and to provide you with a relaxing and pleasurable experience. Each suggestion will be individually tailored to suit your particular needs and skill levels, to ensure maximum enjoyment and fishing success.

I’m lucky enough to have been taught by some of the famous fly casters and salmon fishermen in the world. Spending so many hours under their guidance I have finally turned my Spey Casting technique and developed my Salmon Fishing skills. I teach the following Spey casts to a highly proficient standard from beginners to advanced techniques.

Our Spey Casting lessons take place on the Edradynate beat the most productive salmon fishing beats of The Upper Tay, providing us and our clients with the finest salmon fishing the River Tay has to offer.

We believe in teaching you the correct techniques from the very start, and how to avoid picking up any bad casting habits which could take you years to rectify in the future. We offer Spey Casting course which will concentrate mainly on teaching you how to Spey Cast correctly, and a more in-depth Salmon Fishing which will include how to read the river and spot the pools; rod, reel and fly selection; and how to hook, play and successfully land a salmon.